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Do Homebuyers’ Expectations Align with Reality?

People’s predictions of long-term home price growth were wildly optimistic in the early 2000s but have become more cautious since the Great Recession, according to a study co-authored by Robert Shiller of Yale SOM.

People viewing a home for sale
Pro-choice protesters outside a Planned Parenthood location in St. Louis in 2019.
An illustration of a person at a computer with trees growing out of their head and fingers
This argument suggests you’re not actually interested in diversity per se; you’re interested in it only as a means to an end, which is increasing profits. Prof. Oriane Georgeac on how making the ‘business case for diversity’ can backfire with underrepresented groups.
Collection No. 7

Confronting the Climate Crisis

Yale Insights is talking with the scholars and practitioners who are providing the expertise and leadership to make the adaptation and mitigation of this unprecedented challenge a reality.

ESG data is exposing climate risk
Collection No. 6

Leading through COVID

COVID-19 has created leadership challenges for every kind of organization. Some are working to help the sick or the hungry, or to maintain vital services. All are scrambling to stay connected with their employees and remain economically viable. We've been talking with Yale SOM alumni about the challenges that they are facing, and hearing about their professional and personal lives during the global pandemic.

Illustration depicting home office & financial crisis during COVID
Collection No. 5

Values Propositions

All leaders encounter complex situations without easy answers, where they must navigate conflicting priorities, cultural differences, and human emotion. We talked with Yale SOM alumni about how they draw on their core values in critical moments.

Illustration of a maze