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Season 4
Episode 9
Duration 57:24

Critical Examination of the Built Environment

In episode 9, we feature a wide ranging conversation with Elihu Rubin, Associate Professor at the Yale School of Architecture. We discuss both the market and power dynamics at play in decisions for remaking the city over time. With Faye Phillips as host, topics include: the crisis of the post-industrial city, the Prudential Center in Boston as both architectural form and symbol, the Goffe Street Armory in New Haven and it's potential as public infrastructure, and the role of historic heritage in everything from adaptive reuse to ghost towns.

Show notes:

  1. Elihu Rubin’s personal website here and faculty website here
  2. More of Elihu Rubin’s work on ghost towns
  3. Spring 22 IEDL project featuring the Goffe Street Armory in New Haven
  4. Elihu Rubin’s 2012 book, Insuring the City: The Prudential Center and the Postwar Urban Landscape