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CitySCOPE Podcast

Welcome to CitySCOPE, a podcast about cities and inclusive economic development from Kate Cooney and her students at the Inclusive Economic Development Lab at the Yale School of Management.

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Kate Cooney

Senior Lecturer in Social Enterprise and Management
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Kate Cooney's research uses institutional theory to study the intersection of business and social sectors. Current work focuses on the cross-country comparisons of new social business legal forms, corporate supply chain transparency, social return on investment methods and inclusive economic development strategies in the American city. To understand how hybrid organizations are shaped by commercial and institutional isomorphic pressures, she has studied commercialization in the nonprofit sector, social enterprise, workforce development programs, and the emergence of new social business legal forms. She has also written broadly about market based approaches to poverty alleviation the negotiation of competing institutional logics in social enterprise organizations. Projects underway include CitySCOPE podcast, a series examining inclusive economic development in American Cities (Listen to Season 1 Charting the Opportunity in Opportunity Zones) and a MacMillan Center funded grant titled Consumer Activism and Supply Chain Transparency: Anti-Slavery Movements in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Prior to joining the faculty at Yale SOM, Dr. Cooney was on the faculty at Boston University teaching courses on nonprofit management, urban poverty and economic development, and community and organizational analysis. Kate Cooney currently serves on the Board of Directors of Dwight Hall at Yale, Center for Public Service and Justice.


  • Podcast
    Episode 15
    Duration 01:25:03

    Voices of the Entrepreneurs

    In our final episode for Season 3 of the CitySCOPE podcast, we have a bonus episode produced in collaboration with James Johnson-Piett and Maggie Clark from Urbane, featuring interviews from Urbane's work on the Philadelphia Equitable Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Assessment and Strategy report, completed in May 2021.  Over the course of this season, we spoke with researchers, historians, practitioners, and city builders about efforts to support and scale Black-owned and Black-led businesses.  In this bonus episode, we hear 10 BIPOC entrepreneurs in Philadelphia share about their entrepreneurial journeys and their views on how cities can create more equitable pathways to support thriving, diverse business founders move their businesses to the next level.  Take a listen!

  • Podcast
    Episode 14
    Duration 01:09:09

    Building Equitable Ecosystems with Accelerators

    In episode 14 of the CitySCOPE podcast, we speak with Dianna Tremblay and Caron Gugssa-Howard from ICA in Oakland, CA about their work building a more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem through accelerator and investment fund programing.  Topics include: pathways to growth in the dynamic Bay area economy, using a venture-capital CDFI model to develop an accelerator targeting entrepreneurs from low wealth backgrounds, operating an accelerator with attention to both business scaling and the production of good jobs, integrating direct investment with accelerator programming, and developing capital investment vehicles that fit the mission.  Join us for a great conversation!

  • Podcast
    Episode 13
    Duration 01:09:28

    Venture Capital, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Inclusion

    Join us for episode 13 of the CitySCOPE podcast.  We speak with Banu Ozkazanc-PanProfessor of Practice at the School of Engineering and Academic Director of the IE Brown University EMBA program. She is also the Founder and Director of the Venture Capital Inclusion Lab at the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship.  In conversation with Kate Cooney, Senior Lecturer at Yale University School of Management, topics include: the role of entrepreneurial ecosystems in a regional economy, research on equity and inclusion in entrepreneurial ecosystems, gender bias in capitalization of start-ups, the role of racial and gender wealth gap in the entrepreneurship journey, practical steps we can take to build more equitable ecosystems, and what’s at stake if we do not do so.
  • Podcast
    Episode 12
    Duration 01:17:44

    Venture Capital, Networks and Access

    In episode 12 of the CitySCOPE podcast, Kate Cooney, Senior Lecturer at the Yale School of Management, talks with Donna Lecky, JD, MBA, Managing Partner, Health Venture Capital, CEO & Co-Founder, Health Venture and Co-Founder & Board Director of HealthHavenHub, Inc.  Donna is also CEO & Founding Member of Women of Color Capital Collective, Inc.  Join us for a wide-ranging conversation about Donna’s career path, the founding of Health Venture Capital, Health Venture and HealthHavenHub, the digital health innovation space, and her views on access to capital and the role of networks in successful entrepreneurial outcomes from the venture capital perspective.  Join us!
  • Podcast
    Episode 11
    Duration 54:34

    Networks and Why They Matter

    In episode 11 of the CitySCOPE podcast, Kate Cooney, faculty at the Yale School of Management, speaks with Marissa King, Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Yale School of Management about her book Social Chemistry: Decoding the Elements of Human Connection.  Topics include: networks and why they matter, different types of social networks, a tool to assess your social network, why the structure of networks is important for building social movements, and the role of networks for economic development.  Join us!  
  • Podcast
    Episode 10
    Duration 55:38

    Merger Leads to Largest Black-Led Bank in U.S.

    Join us for episode 10 of the CitySCOPE podcast where Kate Cooney, faculty at the Yale School of Management, speaks with Brian Argrett, President & CEO of City First Bank and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Broadway Financial Corporation.  Topics include: the merger of City First and Broadway Financial to form the largest Black-led bank in the United States, the consolidation of the banking industry, the impact of the 2008 recession on Black-owned and Black-led banks, the history of disinvestment in Black communities and households in the United States, and the passion and creativity that go into creating quality financial products for low wealth communities. Take a listen!

  • Podcast
    Episode 9
    Duration 01:04:29

    Crowdfunding for Main Street

    In Episode 9 of the CitySCOPE podcast Kate Cooney, faculty at the Yale School of Management, speaks with Topiltzin Gomez, Chief of Staff at Honeycomb Credit.  Our conversation focuses on the decline of the community banking sector, the Jobs Act of 2012, the rise of crowdfunding, and the ways that community capital can be deployed for local small business investment.  Topiltzin shares his journey to Honeycomb Credit, through the Venture for America program, and details how Honeycomb Credit builds out rungs to bankability for small businesses by connecting the community.  Tune in!
  • Podcast
    Episode 8
    Duration 56:04

    Entrepreneurship, Employment and Careers for Individuals with a Criminal Record

    In Episode 8 of the CitySCOPE podcast Kate Cooney, faculty at the Yale School of Management, speaks with Kylie Jiwon Hwang, Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford Graduate School of Business.  Kylie’s research lies at the intersection of entrepreneurship, discrimination and labor markets.  Our conversation focuses on her dissertation research examining entrepreneurship and employment for formerly incarcerated people.  Topics include: the current statistics on incarceration and recidivism in the United States, barriers to employment in the labor market for individuals with a criminal record, entrepreneurship as a response to labor market discrimination, employers’ views of candidates with entrepreneurial experience, and the role of employment and entrepreneurship in reducing recidivism.  Join us!

  • Podcast
    Episode 7
    Duration 48:13

    Anchor-Based Business Development

    Episode 7 of the CitySCOPE podcast features a conversation with Kate Cooney and Boris Sigal, Co-Executive Director of the Community Purchasing Alliance (CPA).  Boris graduated from the Yale School of Management in 2014.  Post-graduation, Boris worked for a number of years in New Haven, first in a special one-year position created between the New Haven City Economic Development Administration and the Yale University Office of New Haven and State Affairs  and later as Director of Business Development at New Haven Works, where he focused on building closer relationships with the regional business community and aligning local hiring opportunities with large employers like Yale University and Yale-New Haven Health.  Topics include: insights from analysis of Yale University’s procurement spending and the impact of operational decisions on the regional economy, reflections on a year-long initiative to move some of Yale University’s spending on procurement toward regional vendors, the landmark Yale University New Haven Hiring Initiative, and the impact on local business development that can result from banding smaller anchors (churches and schools) into purchasing cooperatives.  Join us!

  • Podcast
    Episode 6
    Duration 43:29

    McDonald's and Black America

    In Episode 6 of the CitySCOPE podcast Kate Cooney speaks with Marcia Chatelain, Professor of History and African American Studies at Georgetown University about her Pulitzer Prize winning book Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America.  Topics include: McDonald's trajectory from regional to national franchiser, McDonald's as a site of Civil Rights social movement activity, the fight for the right to franchise for Black entrepreneurs, attempts at restructuring McDonald's franchises into community ownership models, and what we can learn about Black capitalism through this history.  Take a listen!