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CEOs Invest Less in Corporate Social Responsibility When Their Own Money Is At Stake

A study co-authored by Yale SOM’s Kelly Shue finds that when CEOs have a larger financial stake in their companies, or when they face stronger shareholder oversight, they cut back spending on corporate social responsibility efforts.

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  • What Did the Last Four Years Teach Us about Managing Inflation?

    William English, a professor in the practice of finance and a former economist at the Federal Reserve, discusses lessons learned from central banks’ responses to four-plus years of extraordinary economic disruption.

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  • Assembling an Economy in Space

    A mix of public and private investments are positioning the space economy for a period of growth and innovation, says Sven Eenmaa ’98, director of investment and economic analysis at the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory.

    Astronauts working on the International Space Station
  • Our Most-Read Stories of 2023

    This year, Yale SOM research examined sustainable investing, the dynamics of social media, the role of race in school discipline, and the complexities of airline pricing. And faculty offered expertise on issues in the news, including the changing workplace, noncompete agreements, the politics of ESG investing, the effectiveness of masks, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, and the Barbie movie phenomenon.

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  • Did Student Loan Forbearance Push Distressed Borrowers Further into Debt?

    In a new study, Yale SOM’s Heather Tookes and her co-authors find that after loan forebearance went into effect in March 2020, distressed borrowers’ credit scores jumped. That allowed them to take on more credit card and auto debt—and, eventually, led to higher rates of delinquencies.

    An illustration of a graduate trying to escape a storm of debt while running on top of credit cards.
  • Green Investing Could Push Polluters to Emit More Greenhouse Gases

    One common approach to sustainable investing is to provide capital for companies with low carbon emissions and withhold it for high-emissions firms. Research co-authored by Yale SOM’s Kelly Shue shows this approach can backfire.

    An illustration of a person in a brown suit trying to move a lever toward green.
  • Personal Finance: Popular Authors vs. Economists

    Before teaching a personal finance course, Prof. James Choi dipped into some popular books on the topic. He found that much of what personal finance gurus suggest is at odds with economic research—but that they also have insights into human nature that are sometimes missing from economic analyses.

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  • The Fed’s Many-Headed Dilemma

    According to Prof. William B. English, when Silicon Valley Bank collapsed and sent ripples through the financial system, the Federal Reserve’s challenge of pursuing maximum employment and low inflation “got even harder.”

    The Federal Reserve building seen past caution tape
  • Is the Collapse of SVB the Start of a Banking Panic?

    Silicon Valley Bank, a financial hub for tech startups, failed and was seized by regulators this week. Prof. Andrew Metrick, who has studied past financial crises, explains how SVB’s balance sheet got squeezed and what's next for the banking sector.

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  • Taking a Disciplined Look at Irrational Investors

    Prof. Nicholas Barberis applies a scientific eye to the irrational ways we form beliefs and how those beliefs collectively drive financial markets.

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  • Smarter Ways to Look Ahead: Research-Based Suggestions for a Better 2023

    We asked faculty from the Yale School of Management to put a scholarly lens on improving our personal and professional lives in the coming year.

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