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Could Russia Really Go Nuclear?

We asked Paul Bracken, an expert in nuclear strategy, how this “unthinkable” scenario would play out.

Mobile missile systems in a parade in Moscow
  • What’s the Right Price for Russia’s Oil?

    Negotiation expert Prof. Barry Nalebuff argues that setting the price cap either too high or too low could lead to failure and defeat the effort to make Putin pay for his aggression.

    Oil tankers on train tracks in Russia
  • What Does Putin Want?

    We asked Yale SOM’s Barry Nalebuff, an expert on game theory and negotiation, what it will take to find common ground and bring the war in Ukraine to an end.

    A mural of Vladimir Putin in Belgrade, Serbia
  • A Better Way to Divide the Pie 

    In his new book, Prof. Barry Nalebuff proposes a fairer, more principled way to negotiate: splitting the additional value created by reaching an agreement. In this excerpt, he explains the concept through a visit to one of New Haven’s iconic pizza spots.

    A pizza divided into slices
  • The Practical Game Theorist

    Prof. Barry Nalebuff extracts pragmatic insights from game theory to improve the practice of innovation, strategy, and negotiation.

    Barry Nalebuff
  • Three Questions: Prof. Zoë Chance on the Standoff between Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump

    We asked Yale SOM’s Zoë Chance, an expert in influence and persuasion, about the method behind Pelosi’s suggestion that the State of the Union be delayed.

    Paper dolls of lions and lion tamer
  • When Should Organizations Change Their Mix of Products?

    To formulate an optimal product mix, managers need to understand how departmental budgets and information sharing within a company can affect decision making, according to a new study co-authored by Yale SOM’s Rick Antle.

  • Putting the Iran Nuclear Deal in Context

    Professor Paul Bracken, a leading security strategist and author of The Second Nuclear Age, discusses the Iran nuclear deal.

  • What Can Game Theory Tell Us about Iran’s Nuclear Intentions?

    What’s the best way to manage a secret project—one whose stakes, whether diplomatic or business, are very high? And what do your actions tell your opponents about your true intentions?