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Consumer Products

To Tackle Plastics Pollution, Embrace a Circular Economy

To cut down on plastics pollution, says Matt Kopac ’09, sustainable business and innovation manager at Burt’s Bees, we need a fundamentally different approach to sustainability.

Microplastic collected from the Sargasso Sea. Photo: Tom Gruber.
  • Study Finally Reveals How Many Cooks It Takes to Spoil the Broth 

    New research co-authored by Yale SOM’s Taly Reich looks at how we perceive collaborations of different sizes, and what those perceptions mean for how companies describe the creation of their products.

    Chefs cooking together
  • The Man Is the Brand

    The luxury shoe brand Stuart Weitzman is a now a corporate sibling to Coach, but it retains the DNA of its founder. Yale Insights talked to Weitzman about the connection a brand can make with customers and the moment he turned the spotlight on shoes.

    Stuart Weitzman with his diamond-studded “Retro Rose” shoe in 2008. Photo: Toby Canham/Getty Images.
  • Three Questions: Prof. Soheil Ghili on Why Amazon Shoppers Aren’t Embracing Whole Foods

    To convert its Prime customers into Whole Foods shoppers, Amazon is cutting prices at the stores and offering discounts to Prime members. Yale SOM’s Soheil Ghili explains the company’s strategy.

    Fruit at a Whole Foods store
  • How Do You Grow A Blue-Chip Brand?

    Even iconic brands have to be willing to change. Kellogg’s chief growth officer, Clive Sirkin, explains how the company adapts to shifting technology, markets, and consumer expectations.

    Workers in a Kellogg factory