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  • What Do Small Businesses Need?

    Small businesses create jobs, so how do we help them grow? Entrepreneur and investor Sean Greene ’90 points to better government policies and access to capital

  • How Do You Build a Startup?

    Serial entrepreneur Kevin Ryan YC ’85, founder of Gilt, MongoDB, and Business Insider, describes his approach to evaluating ideas and assembling a team.

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  • Where are the Opportunities for Investment in Healthcare?

    Dr. Stephen Knight ’90, president and managing partner of the healthcare-focused venture capital firm F-Prime Capital Partners, talks to Yale Insights about how the company evaluates startups—and why launching a company yourself is sometimes the most profitable route.

    Where are the Opportunities for Investment in Healthcare?
  • Are ‘Patent Thickets’ Smothering Innovation?

    One analysis estimated that a smartphone is covered by 250,000 patents. As technology grows increasingly complex, companies must navigate a web of intellectual property protections. Are innovation and competition suffering from the race to create enormous patent portfolios? Professor Stefan Wagner of the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management, talked with Yale Insights about the consequences of “patent thickets.”
  • Where Will Healthcare Innovation Come From?

    Healthcare is an industry as much as a science. Innovations that enable the system to deliver better quality at a lower cost are as likely to come from IT, business processes, and design as from new medicines. Moving medicine fully into the digital world could be the linchpin of a more integrated, coordinated approach, if the technology can mesh neatly with the needs of patients, providers, and payers; existing business models; and the complexity of medicine itself.
  • What Is Creativity?

    Where do the new ideas come from—the ones that change industries and societies? In a lecture at Yale SOM, Prof. Richard Foster explains what creativity is—and isn’t—and describes the kinds of traits, knowledge, and ways of thinking that lead to the moment of creative insight.
    What Is Creativity?