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CEOs Need More Face Time, Not FaceTime

Yale SOM leadership expert Jeffrey Sonnenfeld explains how effective business leaders make the best use of face-to-face meetings with employees around the world.

A business jet on a runway at twilight
  • The Thinker at the Pentagon

    Yale SOM’s Jeffrey Sonnenfeld remembers Ashton Carter, the scholar and diplomat who served as secretary of defense in the Obama administration.

    Ashton Carter, then secretary of defense, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2015.
  • Lessons on the Role of Business in Society, from a Timber Baron

    Yale SOM leadership expert Jeffrey Sonnenfeld remembers George Weyerhaeuser, who led his family’s timber business for decades. He died earlier this year at 95.

    George Weyerhaeuser with President Ronald Reagan
  • CEOs Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Politicians Who Cry ‘Woke’

    Stakeholder capitalism is not new, argues Prof. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld. Despite political backlash against “woke” CEOS, today’s leaders need to account for the broad strategic environment in which their companies operate.

    View of a corporate headquarters.
  • Are the Companies That Promised Withdrawal from Russia Following Through?

    In some cases, those pledges have not been fully honored, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld’s team has found. He writes that boards play a key oversight role in ensuring that companies genuinely end their exposure.

    A pile of broken McDonald's signs
  • Some of the Biggest Brands Are Leaving Russia. Others Just Can’t Quit Putin.

    Since the invasion of Ukraine, Prof. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and his team have been tracking which companies have withdrawn from Russia, which are making partial moves, and which are staying put.

    A Subway restaurant in Moscow.
  • Temporary CEOs Can Introduce Permanent Problems

    Yale SOM's Jeffrey Sonnenfeld writes that putting off a leadership transition is usually the consequence of governance failures—and can have negative repercussions long after a permanent leader is installed.

    An illustration of a clock pushing a man with a suit off the edge of a surface
  • Office Romance Policies Aren’t Working

    Yale SOM leadership expert Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and author Joanne Lipman write that Jeff Zucker's departure from CNN illustrates the inconsistency and ambiguity of corporate policies on workplace relationships.

    A hand reaching toward a heart in a bear trap
  • Beyond Resolutions: Research-Based Suggestions for 2022

    We asked faculty from the Yale School of Management for their advice—philosophical, professional, and personal—for our readers for the coming year.

    A colorful mosaic
  • A Year Later, Most CEOs Are Keeping Their Post-Insurrection Promises

    Recent news stories have asserted that corporate leaders are reneging on their pledges to withhold contributions to members of Congress who voted against certifying election results on January 6, 2021. But Yale SOM's Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, who hosted one of the meetings where those pledges were made, writes that CEOs remain deeply troubled by threats to democracy, and that campaign records show that most corporate PACs aren't giving to election objectors.

    Senator Josh Hawley gestures to demonstrators as he enters the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.
  • Are Leaders Rewarded for Taking Risks?

    In a new study, Yale SOM’s Oriane Georgeac, Gerben van Kleef of the University of Amsterdam, and their co-authors find that in certain situations, risk-taking can strengthen a leader—but it can also backfire.

    An illustration of a politician riding a unicycle in front of a cheering crowd