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Streaming Seeks a Path to Profitability

Only Netflix and Disney turn a profit from streaming. Media analyst Michael Nathanson ’90 says that streamers are turning to bundles, ads, and password crackdowns to survive the disruption and consolidation hitting the industry.

Directional signs with logos for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.
  • Moving Consumer Brands to Climate Neutral

    A nonprofit co-founded by Austin Whitman ’07 is helping consumers direct their spending to brands that are serious about solving climate change by certifying companies that measure their emissions, offset them in the short-term, and move toward decarbonization.

    Solar panels on the roof of a warehouse at the Sonae MC food logistics hub in Azambuja, Portugal.
  • Land Trusts’ New Tools for Fighting the Climate Crisis

    Land trusts are bringing innovative new tools to tackle the myriad problems created by climate change.

    Site Wind Right
  • What Do Ukraine’s NGOs Need?

    Jenny Malseed ’05 of GlobalGiving explains what NGOs on the ground in Ukraine are experiencing and what they need to continue their work.

    Volunteers with internally displaced people at a humanitarian aid center in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, on March 31, 2022.
  • Government Can Be the Solution

    For investment banker Carol Samuels ’86, a key value is helping government make a difference in people’s lives, by applying financial tools and long-term thinking.

    The newly renovated Leodis V. McDaniel High School in Portland, Oregon.
  • Delivering Decarbonized Transport

    Dan Kim ’97, chief strategic officer and director of Next Renewable Fuels, argues that existing elements of the energy and transport sectors can evolve to contribute to a future decarbonized economy, alongside more disruptive innovations.

    The hood of a semi truck with a hydrogen fuel cell logo
  • The Past and Present of Race, Money, and Equity in America

    Journalists Louise Story ’06 and Ebony Reed argue that understanding the grim history of race and money in the United States is key to building a more equitable future.

    A map of New Haven with sections in red, yellow, blue and red
  • Navigating a New Now: Investing in ‘Tough Tech’

    A venture fund led by Katie Rae ’97 was providing the patient capital required for breakthroughs on major societal problems like climate change and community health. Then COVID-19 complicated their day-to-day work—and gave their efforts greater urgency.

    Masked scientists and technicians working on various projects
  • Can Faith Power Social Change?

    A collaboration between the nonprofit Ashoka and Trinity Church Wall Street, launched by Anne Evans ’78, aims to harness the passion among people of faith for making positive change.

    Clergy marching with a banner reading "People of Faith Rise Together to Protect Our Common Home"
  • Tallying the Social Cost of Carbon

    Casey Pickett ’11, director of the Yale Carbon Charge, explains how to put a dollar value on the myriad choices that make up our response to the climate crisis.

    A resident walking through flooding from Hurricane Ida in LaPlace, Louisiana, on August 30, 2021
  • Navigating a New Now: Time to Prioritize Company Culture

    Laszlo Bock ’99, founder and CEO of Humu, highlights the importance of company culture for keeping workers motivated and delivering results despite the challenges of the moment.

    An illustration of workers in cubicles, with some starting to climb our of their cubicles