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  • How Do You Build a Design Team?

    When designer Cap Watkins arrived at the digital media powerhouse Buzzfeed in 2015, the company had a group of talented designers. What it didn’t have, Watkins told Yale Insights, was the structure to help them to work together and build their careers.
  • What’s the Energy Equation?

    What will the world’s use of energy look like in the coming decades, as technological advances revolutionize transportation and push down the price of renewable energy?

  • What Makes Alibaba Grow?

    Alibaba’s vice chairman on the financial mindset and internal culture that have propelled the company’s extraordinary growth.
  • Are ‘Patent Thickets’ Smothering Innovation?

    One analysis estimated that a smartphone is covered by 250,000 patents. As technology grows increasingly complex, companies must navigate a web of intellectual property protections. Are innovation and competition suffering from the race to create enormous patent portfolios? Professor Stefan Wagner of the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management, talked with Yale Insights about the consequences of “patent thickets.”
  • How Has the Pentagon Shaped Innovation?

    Defense spending has been a key driver of technology and innovation in the United States since the beginning of the Cold War, according to Yale SOM professor Paul Bracken. The Pentagon was a prime funder for the early growth of Silicon Valley and more recently quietly created another technology hub, focusing on defense, in northern Virginia.
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