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Video: Dating, Marriage, Parenting, and the Gender Wage Gap

Women earn 79 cents for every dollar that men make. But look beyond that widely cited statistic, and you’ll find a complex story of causes, effects, and correlations. Prof. Mushfiq Mobarak surveys the literature on the subject and argues that, to close the gap, we need to address society’s differing expectations around who bears the burden of family and parenting responsibilities.

An illustration of a woman thinking about earnings and family
  • In Finance Field, Gender Disparities Are Significant—But Shrinking

    More women are being hired for finance positions at top business schools, according to a study co-authored by Yale SOM's Heather Tookes, but progress is slow. The study suggests that this may be due to limited collaborator networks.

    Detail from "Graduates" by Judy Pokras
  • Competition Can Make Corporate Cultures More Socially Progressive

    A study by Yale SOM’s Alexander Zentefis and Gary Gorton suggests a progressive competitor can push a company to change under the right circumstances.

    An office with desks on a series of levels connected by stairs
  • Women Leaders Ascend in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

    When Kathy Warden was named CEO of Northrop Grumman this week, she became the third woman CEO among the top five aerospace and defense contractors. Yale SOM’s Jeffrey Sonnenfeld writes that this welcome trend has an echo in the early history of the industry.

    Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit
  • Is Women’s Work Evaluated Fairly?

    Does gender bias prevent women from being treated fairly in job interviews, performance assessments, and other evaluations? Data from an online stock recommendation platform suggests that women’s ideas simply get less attention than their male colleagues’.

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  • Why Do Women Inventors Win Fewer Patents? 

    Women inventors are less likely to have their patent applications approved than men. But that disparity dips if an examiner can’t guess an inventor’s gender from her name.

    A drawing of an improved telegraph machine from an 1869 patent application by Thomas Edison.
  • Study Shows Bias Against Investment Recommendations from Women

    Women in the investment profession face a double standard even when objective information on their performance is available and their evaluators are incentivized to not discriminate, according to a new study by researchers at the Yale School of Management and the Columbia Business School.

    Graphic of women dragging giant Venus symbol
  • Three Questions: Prof. Zoe Chance on Responses to Sexual Harassment

    Women around the world are sharing their experiences with workplace sexual harassment and abuse. Professor Zoë Chance explains the research on the subject and suggests ways that both women and male allies can take action to create lasting change.

  • What are the Returns from Women Investing in Women?

    Patricia Lizarraga of Hypatia Capital Group explains how the firm succeeds by investing in women.

  • Why Aren’t Women Saving Enough for Retirement?

    TIAA’s chief income strategist says while the retirement system appears to be gender neutral, it is putting women at a disadvantage.

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  • Can Tech Make the World Better?

    Katie Rae ’97, who runs an incubator and an investment firm, on finding the next great startup.