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Doing What You Love Doesn’t Always Pay for Women

New research from Yale SOM’s Adriana Germano shows how the seemingly gender-neutral advice to “follow your passion” helps explain the gender gap in lucrative STEM fields.

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  • Why Aren’t Women Saving Enough for Retirement?

    TIAA’s chief income strategist says while the retirement system appears to be gender neutral, it is putting women at a disadvantage.

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  • Can Tech Make the World Better?

    Katie Rae ’97, who runs an incubator and an investment firm, on finding the next great startup.

  • Where Does Gender Bias Remain?

    Cathy Ashton, the former high representative of the European Union for foreign affairs, on the structural and implicit biases that keep women from getting equal access to many opportunities.

  • Despite Risks, Garment Factory Jobs Have Long-Term Benefits for Bangladeshi Women

    A new study finds that garment factory work reshapes the lives of women in Bangladesh in positive ways.

  • Women as Bosses Still Face Bias

    In a New York Times op-ed, Professors Victoria Brescoll and Jeffrey Sonnenfeld write about the gender bias and discrimination that persist for powerful women in corporate America.

  • A Scientific Approach to Increasing Diversity in the Sciences

    To reduce subtle biases that limit women and minority academic scientists, research universities should design diversity programs that adhere to rigorous scientific standards, according to a new paper co-authored by Professor Victoria Brescoll.

  • Study: Men Seeking Career Advancement Are Favored for Flextime

    Managers are most likely to grant flextime to men in high-status jobs who request it to pursue career development opportunities, according to a new study by Professor Victoria Brescoll. Women, regardless of their status within a firm or their reason, are less likely than high-status men to be granted a schedule change.

  • Discussion: Women and Leadership

    What does it mean to be a leader and a woman? How much do bias and cultural assumptions still present challenges for women as they move up in their careers? A panel of accomplished Yale SOM alumnae discussed their experiences of leadership and management and reflect on strategies women can use to navigate in the workplace.

  • What's the business case for diversity?

    A range of often subtle biases around gender roles pervade the workplace. SOM's Victoria Brescoll discusses the impact these biases have on women and men, successful approaches to inclusivity, and the business case for making changes.

  • What do leaders need to understand about diversity?

    In globalized, multicultural organizations, leaders need to learn to create value out of diversity.