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What’s Next for the Startups That Banked with SVB?

Federal intervention restored access to startups’ funds, but Yale SOM’s Song Ma says there are important lessons in the episode for founders, starting with diversifying their financial relationships.

Customers at Silicon Valley Bank headquarters, seen through a window.
  • Portraits of Appalachian Ohio

    Yale Insights commissioned photographer Erin Clark to document the people working to transform southeast Ohio. She talks about the experience.

    Bicycle shop
  • Perspective: The Small-Town Mayor

    What can a town of 1,481 people in Appalachian coal country do in the face of long-term cyclical changes in global markets? Quite a lot, actually.

    Tom Johnson, Mayor of Somerset, Ohio
  • Can Legal Cannabis Drive Racial and Economic Justice?

    Ebele Ifedigbo ’16, co-founder of The Hood Incubator, discusses how the legal cannabis industry can be a tool for repairing damage done to communities of color by the war on drugs.

  • How Does an Idea Become a Startup?

    Serial entrepreneur Brad Hargreaves YC ’08 talked with Yale SOM’s Jennifer McFadden ’08 about how to turn a hunch into a business opportunity.

  • What Does Entrepreneurship Look Like in an African Context? 

    Doing business in a developing country isn’t the same as in an advanced economy. Get creative about data and be resilient, advises Hakeem Belo-Osagie.

  • What Does Entrepreneurship Look Like around the World?

    When it comes to building a new business, social, economic, political, and cultural context matters.

  • Integrated Communities Benefit More from Venture Capital

    A new study suggests that mixing people of diverse backgrounds leads to more innovation and more economic growth.

    Aerial photos of, from left, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco
  • Can Vietnam Become a Global Tech Hub?

    Venture investor Eddie Thai ’12 discusses Vietnam’s nascent startup ecosystem and what the future of the communist country might look like.

  • Collection No. 3

    What Makes Companies Grow?

    Since health insurance is tied to employment in the United States, Americans are losing their insurance just as they need it most. We asked economist Fiona Scott Morton, an expert on the healthcare industry, what a better system would look like.

    Illustration of watering cans
  • Can Tech Make the World Better?

    Katie Rae ’97, who runs an incubator and an investment firm, on finding the next great startup.