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What’s Next for the Startups That Banked with SVB?

Federal intervention restored access to startups’ funds, but Yale SOM’s Song Ma says there are important lessons in the episode for founders, starting with diversifying their financial relationships.

Customers at Silicon Valley Bank headquarters, seen through a window.
  • Startup Founders Are at a Disadvantage When Applying for Jobs

    Yale SOM’s Tristan Botelho found that firms are less likely to reply to applications from startup founders than non-founders.

    A person with a lightbulb for a head talking to an interviewer, who is not impressed
  • The Practical Game Theorist

    Prof. Barry Nalebuff extracts pragmatic insights from game theory to improve the practice of innovation, strategy, and negotiation.

    Barry Nalebuff
  • A Passionate Startup Pitch Is Powerful—But Can Be Misleading

    According to a new study co-authored by Yale SOM’s Song Ma, those with cheerful and enthusiastic presentations are more likely to get venture capital funding—and less likely to build successful ventures.

    An illustration of an entrepreneur leaping in the air and wearing pom-poms while presenting
  • Opening Restaurants in a Pandemic

    Seth Goldman ’95, the co-founder of Honest Tea and chair of Beyond Meat, was opening PLNT Burger, a new chain of plant-based restaurants, as the global pandemic struck.

    An illustration of a plant-based burger
  • Aspiring to Be the Next Silicon Valley? Think Twice

    A study by Yale SOM researchers suggests that when venture capital funding in a metropolitan area increases, industries with customers outside the region suffer and income inequality widens.

    Silicon Valley in evening
  • Even Small Businesses Need Corporate Governance

    For startups and family businesses, establishing a professionalized, independent board and other aspects of corporate governance tend to be far down the priority list. Two experts explain why investing in corporate governance is critical to long-term success.

    Illustration of a small team at a table sitting on top of a larger table with board members
  • For Top Venture Capital Firms, Success Breeds Success

    Most investing success is short lived, but venture capital is an exception, with top VCs beating the average year after year. A new study finds that consistent returns owe as much to a firm’s reputation and early luck as the smarts of its employees.

    Illustration of people climbing ladders starting at different levels in the sky
  • Companies Invest in Startups to Repair Weaknesses

    A study by Yale SOM’s Song Ma shows that companies tend to invest in startups when they are struggling, in order to gain access to innovation and shore up an area of weakness.

    An illustration showing executives in a tree watering a smaller plant.
  • Is Making an Impact the Path to Profit?

    According to Prof. Henrietta Onwuegbuzie of Lagos Business School, entrepreneurs focused on solving problems and ongoing innovation grow their businesses faster, make more money—and have a bigger impact than any government or nonprofit.

    plants being watered and producing a coin
  • Can Appalachian Ohio Build a New Economy?

    The 32 Ohio counties spread over the Appalachian foothills suffer in comparison with their counterparts in the rest of the state by nearly every economic measure. But they’re also filled with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and citizens seeking to build a brighter future.

    McConnelsville downtown