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What’s Next for the Startups That Banked with SVB?

Federal intervention restored access to startups’ funds, but Yale SOM’s Song Ma says there are important lessons in the episode for founders, starting with diversifying their financial relationships.

Customers at Silicon Valley Bank headquarters, seen through a window.
  • What Do Small Businesses Need?

    Small businesses create jobs, so how do we help them grow? Entrepreneur and investor Sean Greene ’90 points to better government policies and access to capital

  • How Do You Build a Startup?

    Serial entrepreneur Kevin Ryan YC ’85, founder of Gilt, MongoDB, and Business Insider, describes his approach to evaluating ideas and assembling a team.

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  • Does Crowdfunding Make Capital Available to More Startups?

    A new paper shows that Kickstarter is funding startups outside traditional venture capital hubs, and can later increase venture capital investment in an area.

    Does Crowdfunding Make Capital Available to More Startups?
  • Restricting Employment Restrictions

    Research shows that limiting enforcement of non-compete agreements encourages entrepreneurship and economic growth.

  • Could Crowdfunding Reshape Entrepreneurship?

    Yale’s Olav Sorenson explains how crowdfunding can change entrepreneurship and what’s necessary for that to happen.

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  • Can a Better Burger Make a Difference?

    Seth Goldman ’95 discusses his company’s effort to transform the way we eat protein.

    Can a Better Burger Make a Difference?
  • Can Innovation Save China?

    With China’s economy slowing, can entrepreneurs serve as an engine for innovation and growth? Investor Raymond Chang ’96 discusses the opportunities and bottlenecks facing new businesses.

  • Can a New York Burger Make It in Dubai?

    Shake Shack’s Danny Meyer discusses the challenges of international expansion.

    NY Burger
  • Are the Startups Coming for Your Business?

    Internet entrepreneur Kevin Ryan discusses the profound effect that new ventures are having on some of the world’s largest companies.

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