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Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld

  • Jeffrey Sonnenfeld on Separating the Chairman and CEO Roles at JPMorgan

    In a New York Times op-ed, Senior Associate Dean Jeffrey Sonnenfeld writes about the call to separate the chairman and CEO roles at JPMorgan Chase. “While the model can work on occasion, it is surely no panacea that ensures good economic results or good governance,” he argues.

  • Putting Trust on Cruise Control at Carnival

    Senior Associate Dean Jeffrey Sonnenfeld writes that Carnival CEO Micky Arison is a vivid example of the public’s growing skepticism about leaders.

  • Are CEOs today's heroes?

    All cultures and all eras have their heroes—individuals who set out on a quest and overcome great adversity to attain a glorious end. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld suggests that CEOs today are living out this age-old narrative. He explains why society is looking for its heroes in the corner office.

  • The chief professional?

    With their power, their prominence, and their pay packages, CEOs are cynosures in the business universe. Could the structures of a management profession take in these corporate chiefs? Or should CEOs of publicly traded companies be treated as members of a separate profession, with its own rules and responsibilities?