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Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld

  • When An Empty Board Slot Is Dangled Before You, Look Before You Leap

    Yale SOM's Jeffrey Sonnenfeld writes that asking a few simple questions can help a potential board member avoid an unhealthy corporate culture.

  • When Should CEOs Take a Political Stand?

    After a group of top business leaders resigned from presidential advisory panels, Yale SOM’s Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld discussed the conundrum faced by leaders of public corporations who take seriously their role as citizens.

  • Ken Frazier: The Strongest Man in the World

    Yale’s Jeffrey Sonnenfeld calls on business leaders to meet the test of character and civic leadership by following through on their stated convictions.

  • The CEOs Who Didn’t Deserve the Boot

    In a Wall Street Journal commentary, Prof. Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld writes that short-term thinking has led a number of companies to oust valuable leaders.

  • Trump’s White House Is a Family Business. That’s Not a Bad Thing.

    In a Politico commentary, Yale SOM's Jeffrey Sonnenfeld asks if there are reasons to be optimistic about the responsibilities given to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

  • What’s the Future of U.S.-Mexico Relations?

    Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld recently assembled a group of business and political leaders from Mexico and the United States to discuss the state of the strained but critical relationship between the two countries.

    CEO Forum in classroom
  • How Wells Fargo's CEO Could Have Avoided His Senate Belly Flop

    The recent performance by Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf before the Senate Banking Committee has been widely panned. Yale SOM’s Jeffrey Sonnenfeld explains how CEOs can do better when faced with a crisis.

  • How Do Mayors Get Things Done?

    Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld talks with mayors from both parties about how they move past partisan combat to find solutions that work.

  • Theranos Teaches Silicon Valley a Hard Lesson about Accountability

    The failures of the blood-testing firm Theranos show that high-flying tech firms need boards who are willing to ask the hard questions.

  • Jeffrey Sonnenfeld: Clearing Bull from the Bully Pulpit

    Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld writes that business leaders are increasingly embracing a larger societal mission and using their public statements to comment beyond deals and products.