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  • CitySCOPE Podcast

    Welcome to CitySCOPE, a podcast about cities and inclusive economic development from Kate Cooney and her students at the Inclusive Economic Development Lab at the Yale School of Management.

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  • Health & Veritas

    Howard Forman and Harlan Krumholz, two Yale physician-professors, discuss the latest news and ideas in healthcare and seek out the truth amid the noise.

    Health & Veritas is produced with the Yale School of Management and the Yale School of Public Health.

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  • Impact & Innovation

    Join the conversation as social entrepreneurs from around the world come to Yale SOM to share the challenges they are grappling with and the insights they are gaining in the field. From rural India and Kenya to the inner cities of the U.S., from the environment to nutrition to maternal child health, this series cuts across sectors to examine the convergence of business and society. Take a peek inside the classroom of Dr. Teresa Chahine as she examines the latest trends and pitfalls in social innovation, funding, and impact.

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  • Learning through Experience

    How can we learn from the experience we have to create a future that we want? This is the realm that much of Dr. Heidi Brooks’s work explores. As we navigate through life, she invites us to cultivate the capacity to learn through experience, and to apply the wisdom gained to co-create a future that is worth fighting for.

    In this season of the “Learning through Experience” podcast, Dr. Heidi Brooks focuses on one of the most impactful ways to learn through experience: learning with mentors. Join her on a journey as she speaks with some of her mentors and they reflect on what brought them to where they are today in their own work, life, and play.

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