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Heidi Brooks

  • Reinventing the Way We Work—Again

    The pandemic changed where we work and how we work, how we think about the place of work in our lives and vice versa—all against a backdrop of rapid technological change, economic upheaval, and a reckoning with racism. We talked with Yale SOM's Heidi Brooks about how to have necessary conversations about a new experience of work.

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  • How to Go Back to a Better Office 

    Heidi Brooks, who teaches leadership at Yale SOM and advises companies on everyday leadership and organizational culture, talks about how managers can approach this moment of transition with empathy—and have a meaningful impact at an important time.

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  • Can We Talk about Politics at Work?

    We asked Heidi Brooks, who studies organizational behavior and pioneered the course Everyday Leadership, for her advice on how organizations can respond positively to strong opinions and emotions around political issues—both during election season and after the votes have been cast.

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  • How to Start Addressing Racism and Inequality in Your Organization

    Yale SOM leadership expert Heidi Brooks says that many companies have a bias toward taking quick action that is ill-suited to a complex and ambiguous issue. Instead, organizations should reflect on their own culture and power dynamics and create a long-term plan for impact.

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  • Who’s Your Leadership Role Model?

    Heidi Brooks, an expert on leadership and an avid tennis player, on why we may benefit more from analyzing tennis players than presidential candidates.

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  • Three Questions: Dr. Heidi Brooks on What Olympic Athletes Can Teach Us about Leadership

    We asked Yale SOM’s Heidi Brooks, an expert on leadership and a passionate amateur athlete, what business leaders can learn from top athletes.

  • How Do Leaders Foster Engagement and Creativity?

    What happens if leaders ask for and model a work culture of mutual inspiration and support?