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Social Impact

What Happens When Unions Bargain for Social Justice?

In a new study, Yale SOM’s James Baron and Daniel Julius examine the wave of unionization in museums, where workers often bring social-justice concerns to the bargaining table.

Museum staff picket in front of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts
  • A Better Algorithm Can Bring Volunteers to More Organizations

    Yale SOM’s Vahideh Manshadi and her collaborators found that an online platform was steering volunteers toward a small group of opportunities. By building equity into the algorithm, they were able to help more organizations find the volunteers they need.

    An illustration showing raised hands emerging from a set of gears
  • Forms of Wisdom: Lessons from Public Health Entrepreneurs

    Four women who are using entrepreneurial tools to achieve public health goals visited Teresa Chahine’s podcast, Impact & Innovation, where they told their stories and shared what they’ve learned about connecting with a community to make a difference.

    Ashlee Wisdom speaking in Teresa Chahine’s class
  • The Art and Science of Delivering Impact

    To take on the problems associated with poverty in New York City, Emary Aronson ’97, chief knowledge officer of the Robin Hood Foundation, takes a data-driven and heart-led approach. She describes how the organization has focused on outcomes and been able to pivot quickly to lead emergency relief efforts.

    A truck submerged in water with the Manhattan skyline in the background
  • What Families Need to Escape Homelessness

    For families coming out of homelessness, housing doesn’t end the impossible choices that come with navigating poverty. Jill Bauman ’87 describes Imagine LA’s holistic model to end family homelessness and poverty.

    A family participating in Imagine LA’s program.
  • How the Tools of Impact Investing Can Undermine Resilience in the Global South

    Impact investing advisor Clint Bartlett ’17 and Professor Todd Cort are working on innovative approaches in which businesses that create positive social outcomes get cheaper capital.

    A coffee farm in Uganda
  • What Turkey Needs for Its Long Recovery

    Even as emergency relief continues, says Rana Kotan ’04, secretary general of Third Sector Foundation of Turkey, it is crucial to expand the capacity of the grassroots organizations that will be rebuilding long after the headlines have faded.

    Collapsed buildings in Kahramanmaras, Turkey, on February 10.
  • The Social Entrepreneur’s Tool Kit for Making a Difference 

    All of us see things we’d change about the world. In a new book, Yale SOM’s Teresa Chahine offers a set of tools for anyone seeking to make a positive impact.

    Women cooking in the documentary Soufra.
  • Seth Goldman on the Not-So-Sweet End of Honest Tea

    Seth Goldman called Coke’s decision to discontinue Honest Tea a “gut punch.” But the outcry from disappointed fans of the not-too-sweet drink have inspired him to return to tea.

    Seth Goldman
  • Land Trusts’ New Tools for Fighting the Climate Crisis

    Land trusts are bringing innovative new tools to tackle the myriad problems created by climate change.

    Site Wind Right
  • What Do Ukraine’s NGOs Need?

    Jenny Malseed ’05 of GlobalGiving explains what NGOs on the ground in Ukraine are experiencing and what they need to continue their work.

    Volunteers with internally displaced people at a humanitarian aid center in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, on March 31, 2022.