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Economic Development

  • Where does Africa fit in the globalization puzzle?

    The continent has often been singled out as an exception to the story of increasing globalization. Todd Moss, an Africa expert with the Center for Global Development, discusses Africa’s integration in world markets, why trade between African countries is so hard, and the role of outside powers such as China.
  • Has globalization failed in Nigeria?

    Oil pumped from the Niger Delta is loaded on supertankers and shipped into the global market, accounting for 3% of world production and generating substantial revenues for the Nigerian government. What has this connection to the world economy done for Nigeria?
  • Can capital overcome the past?

    A South African government program aimed at addressing deep historical inequities enabled a union-owned investment fund to build up enough capital to reach around the globe. The mostly black workers in the union now own a piece of a hotel chain in the Middle East and a clean-energy company in Pittsburgh. How much can be learned from this success?