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Three Questions

  • Are Student Loans Worth It?

    We asked SOM’s Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, whose current work focuses on assessing the costs and benefits of debtor protection policies and understanding the role that consumer debt plays in the macroeconomy, to put President Biden’s decision to forgive student debt in context.

    Graduates at California State University of Los Angeles's 2022 commencement ceremony in May 2022.
  • How Does Inflation Change Consumer Behavior?

    Inflation has put consumers in an anxious, angry mood, even as the economic data shows confounding bright spots. We asked Yale SOM’s Ravi Dhar how the perception of rising prices affects buying behavior, and how companies can respond.

    Shoppers in a supermarket seen from overhead
  • Is Elon Musk Right about the Bot Problem on Twitter?

    Elon Musk’s attempt to buy Twitter has turned into a battle over the prevalence of bot accounts on the platform. We asked Prof. Tauhid Zaman, who has studied the impact of bots, how much they skew the experience of Twitter users.

    Illustration of Twitter bots
  • What Does Putin Want?

    We asked Yale SOM’s Barry Nalebuff, an expert on game theory and negotiation, what it will take to find common ground and bring the war in Ukraine to an end.

    A mural of Vladimir Putin in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Will the EU’s New Law Remake Big Tech?

    We asked Prof. Fiona Scott Morton, an expert on antitrust policy, what the Digital Markets Act will mean for users in Europe and elsewhere.

    The newly announced Apple Watch on display in Paris in September 2014. 
  • What Does the War in Ukraine Mean for Businesses?

    We asked Prof. Paul Bracken, an expert on business and defense strategy, about the risks that corporate leaders should consider as the Russian invasion and the resulting sanctions unfold.

    An armed civil defense guard in front of advertisements on a building
  • Controlling the Virus Is the Key to Reducing Inflation

    Yale SOM’s William English, a former economist at the Federal Reserve, explains the role of COVID-19 in the spike in prices, considers how policymakers can respond, and confronts the sheer uncertainty of the times.

    Groceries at the register at a supermarket
  • The Missing Links in the Supply Chain 

    We asked Yale SOM’s Prof. Sang Kim, an operations expert who specializes in supply-chain management, to unpack the news about delayed shipments and backed-up ports.

    An overhead image of trucks carrying shipping containers
  • What Went Wrong in Afghanistan?

    We asked Prof. Paul Bracken, an expert in business and military strategy, how the U.S. could have avoided a chaotic exit from Afghanistan, and what comes next for the region.

    Afghans outside the Kabul airport on August 20, 2021.
  • Does Big Tech Gobble Up Competitors?

    An executive order from President Joe Biden last month and a congressional report in October accused large technology firms of engaging in “killer acquisitions,” citing research by Yale SOM’s Florian Ederer.

    A crocodile with two fish in its mouth