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Howard P. Forman

Howard Forman is the co-host of the podcast Health & Veritas. He talks with Harlan Krumholz about the latest news and ideas in healthcare and seek out the truth amid the noise.

  • Three Questions: Dr. Howard Forman on Who Should Lead the VA

    What kind of leader can step in and effectively run an organization that delivers healthcare to millions of veterans? We asked Dr. Howard Forman, an expert in healthcare leadership and policy.

    VA building
  • What’s at Stake in the Healthcare Debate?

    Yale Insights talked to Howard Forman, a Yale physician and economist, about the consequences of Congress passing a repeal of the Affordable Care Act—and what might happen if nothing passes.

  • Is Obamacare in Trouble?

    Three major insurers have pulled out of the Affordable Care Act's healthcare exchanges, prompting concerns about the exchanges’ long-term sustainability. Yale’s Fiona Scott Morton and Howard Forman discuss the state of Obamacare and what it needs to thrive.

    Is Obamacare in Trouble?
  • What lies ahead for healthcare reform?

    Dr. Howard Forman, Professor of Diagnostic Radiology and director of the MBA for Executives: Leadership in Healthcare Program, explains how the Affordable Care Act is expected to affect overall healthcare spending, as well as state and federal budgets. He also discusses the reality behind some of its most controversial provisions.