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Episode 2
Duration 24:19
Drawing of Clara Nartey

The Power of Art to Cultivate Joy

I love how art can take us on a journey to another way of seeing things. And, I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that the human condition is a little rough and rocky these days — so I feel drawn to opportunities to cultivate joy.

In my role as Chair of the Art Committee at Yale School of Management, I have the chance to impact the space through the iconography on the walls. I wanted to do something real and uplifting. Then I met Clara Nartey and experienced her work. I am delighted to welcome her to this podcast so others can hear about her perspective and process.

In this episode, we speak about art as a reflective practice, the impact of art on education, and the power of art to encourage discussion and change minds. Clara encourages us to explore art as a means of reflection and a way to navigate difficult topics and conversations that we may have otherwise avoided.

The Joy of Living Exhibit at the Yale School of Management is a permanent exhibit by artist Clara Nartey. Clara is a textile artist and former management consultant, her exhibit at Yale is a reflection of her experience of the pandemic, and it has become a part of the context and fabric of the experience of this building.

Key Topics:

04:10 Finding your way through experience: Challenging our perspective around difficult experiences and allowing them to become learning opportunities that lead us to courageous leaps.

10:02 The journey of becoming an artist: Learning through and from opportunities as they come to you in life, stretching and building range from them.

14:50 Creativity and self-reflection during the pandemic: Reflecting on what life means and creating art and joy from that place of reflection.

17:25 Art as a reflective practice: Being in a relationship with the creative process, directing your learning, and letting the work speak to you and evolve.

19:19 The power of art to change minds: There is a stretching of mind, heart, and spirit that happens through perceiving human issues through the arts.

Learn more:

See Clara Nartey’s Collections on her website.

The Joy of Living by Clara Nartey

Listen to Clara Nartey discuss the works in the exhibit.

Readers are Leaders, 2022, Inks and Threads on Cotton, 65″x 54″

A painting of a man reading
Clara Nartey


All Lit Up, 2022, Threads and Inks on Cotton, 40″ x 30″

The artist next to her painting
Clara Nartey


A Spring in my Step, 2023, Inks and Threads on Cotton, 40″x30″

A portrait of a woman wearing a hat
Clara Nartey


Dancing Queen in Little Accra, 2022, Inks and threads on cotton, 7’x5′

The artist next to a portrait of a dancing woman
Clara Nartey


Free Spirit, 2023, Inks and Threads on Cotton, 40″x 30″

A portrait of a laughing woman
Clara Nartey


Breaking Bread, 2022, Inks and Threads on Cotton, 36″x36″

The artist with a portrait of a woman baking bread
Clara Nartey