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Faculty Viewpoints

  • What the U.S. Has to Gain from Supporting Ukraine

    Prof. Jeffrey Sonnnenfeld and co-author Steven Tian write that spending on weapons and aid boosts the U.S. economy, strengthens the NATO alliance, and weakens the Russian war machine.

    Supporters of aid for Ukraine outside the U.S. Capitol on February 11. 
  • How Connecticut Elevated Its Business Climate

    Connecticut turned itself into a destination for new businesses by prioritizing business development and inviting input and help from the private sector, write Prof. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and three other leaders of AdvanceCT, the state’s business attraction and retention engine.

    The Connecticut state capitol and the Hartford skyline
  • How Boeing Can Restore Trust

    The blowout of a door plug on an Alaska Air 737 MAX 9 earlier this month is just the latest incident casting doubt on the safety culture of the aerospace giant. Yale SOM leadership expert Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a longtime observer of Boeing, and co-author Steven Tian offer a series of steps to rebuild its internal processes and win back the trust of airlines and the public.

    An airplane fuselage with plastic sheeting over an opening
  • What the ‘Door Plug’ on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 Tells Us about the Airline Industry

    The door plug that plunged from an Alaska Airlines aircraft in flight earlier this month was there to seal off an unused emergency exit. Amy Fraher, a Yale SOM lecturer and former commercial pilot, explains why—and says the incident reflects a worrying approach to safety.

    The Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft that was involved in a midair fuselage blowout in a hangar at Oregon’s Portland International Airport on January 9 during the investigation of the National Transportation Safety Board.
  • Triumph and Disaster: The Best and Worst CEOs of 2023

    Yale SOM leadership expert Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and co-author Steven Tian highlight the three best- and worst-performing CEOs of 2023—and hint at what’s ahead for each of them in the new year.

    Marc Benioff speaking
  • No, the Business Exodus from Russia Was Not a Bonanza for Putin

    Yale SOM’s Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Steven Tian, with Tymofiy Mylovanov and Nataliia Shapoval of the Kyiv School of Economics, respond to a New York Times articles on the effect of the boycott.

    A former McDonald’s restaurant in Moscow, with a different logo on otherwise similar food and packaging
  • Our Most-Read Stories of 2023

    This year, Yale SOM research examined sustainable investing, the dynamics of social media, the role of race in school discipline, and the complexities of airline pricing. And faculty offered expertise on issues in the news, including the changing workplace, noncompete agreements, the politics of ESG investing, the effectiveness of masks, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, and the Barbie movie phenomenon.

    A collage of illustrations and photographs
  • The FTC’s Antitrust Overreach Is Hurting U.S. Competitiveness and Destroying Value

    Yale SOM’s Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Steven Tian write that FTC chair Lina Khan’s attempts to block mergers are draining economic value—and consistently failing in court.

    Lina Kahn testifying
  • Is Commercial Real Estate in for a Downturn…or a Crisis?

    Commercial real estate downturns don’t typically create systemic threats. Yale SOM’s Andrew Metrick offers a nightmare scenario showing why this time might be different.

    An empty ground-floor commercial space, seen through a window.
  • The Breathing Technique that Can Make You a Better Leader

    Yale SOM’s Emma Seppälä found that a weeklong training in the SKY Breath technique provides a lasting reduction in anxiety and greater resilience to stress, even for those who don’t continue to practice it.

    A graphic of a woman meditating