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The Secret of the Barbie Movie’s Marketing Success

Barbie is a genuine phenomenon, reaching $1 billion in worldwide box office in only three weeks on the strength of legions of pink-clad moviegoers. We asked Yale SOM’s Zoe Chance, a former Mattel brand manager, about the movie’s marketing and message.

Fans in New York’s Times Square wearing Barbie clothes for the opening of Barbie movie on July 21, 2023.
  • What’s the New Look for the Fashion Industry?

    Former CEO William McComb on how he downsized the fashion conglomerate Liz Claiborne, and what his strategy may foretell for the fashion industry.

  • What’s at Stake on Social Media?

    Sprinklr CEO Ragy Thomas discusses how social media is reshaping companies.

    Petri dishes growing icons of popular social media platforms
  • How Can Marketers Get a Message through the Noise?

    Linda Kaplan Thaler, former chairman of Publicis Kaplan Thaler, says that to make an impact, advertisements must be funny, concise, and intensely focused.

  • Can I Ask You a Question?

    We have learned to be skeptical of claims by advertisers. Can a question evade our defenses?

    Red wine bottles accompanied by a half full wine glass with a question mark
  • What Is the Impact of Big Data?

    Yale SOM’s K. Sudhir on how data analytics can change management, in marketing and beyond.

  • How Do You Market to Millennials?

    If millennials haven’t yet reshaped your products and marketing, says Christine Barton of BCG, they will soon.

    How Do You Market to Millennials?
  • Five Lessons from the 2015 Customer Insights Conference

    The rise of the millennial generation and the explosion of mobile technology have permanently changed the landscape for marketers.

  • Can Guilt Make You Happy?

    Two new studies from Yale SOM’s Ravi Dhar suggest that a touch of guilt can be a powerful tool for marketers.

    Casino floor showing several slot machines being played
  • Rethinking Marketing and Customers: Lessons from Behavioral Economics

    Four experts gave a wide-ranging overview of how insights from behavioral economics are being applied in governments, businesses, and other organizations.

  • Can Online Reviews Be Trusted?

    The online, user-generated review is a boon for consumers—a chance to sidestep promotional claims and get an honest assessment. But as soon as reviews appeared online, fake reviews followed. A study co-authored by Professor Judith Chevalier looks at the prevalence of fake hotel reviews and tests a hypothesis about who might post them and why.