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When Counting Calories, Words Are More Valuable than Pictures 

A new study co-authored by Yale SOM’s Gal Zauberman finds that apps that track calories with a photo are appealing, but manually logging your meals is actually more effective. The results offer a cautionary tale about giving consumers what they think they want, he says.

An illustration of a smartphone taking a photo of a salad
  • What Is the Impact of Big Data?

    Yale SOM’s K. Sudhir on how data analytics can change management, in marketing and beyond.

  • How Do You Market to Millennials?

    If millennials haven’t yet reshaped your products and marketing, says Christine Barton of BCG, they will soon.

    How Do You Market to Millennials?
  • Five Lessons from the 2015 Customer Insights Conference

    The rise of the millennial generation and the explosion of mobile technology have permanently changed the landscape for marketers.

  • Can Guilt Make You Happy?

    Two new studies from Yale SOM’s Ravi Dhar suggest that a touch of guilt can be a powerful tool for marketers.

    Casino floor showing several slot machines being played
  • Rethinking Marketing and Customers: Lessons from Behavioral Economics

    Four experts gave a wide-ranging overview of how insights from behavioral economics are being applied in governments, businesses, and other organizations.

  • Can Online Reviews Be Trusted?

    The online, user-generated review is a boon for consumers—a chance to sidestep promotional claims and get an honest assessment. But as soon as reviews appeared online, fake reviews followed. A study co-authored by Professor Judith Chevalier looks at the prevalence of fake hotel reviews and tests a hypothesis about who might post them and why.

  • How Do Marketers Sell Christmas?

    The holiday season is a time for joy and family and a staggering amount of shopping. In a video interview on UCD Smurfit’s Faculty Insights series, Professor Damien McLoughlin says that marketers make those sales by taking advantage of our holiday impulses, including the drive to be cheerful.

  • Rise of the Renter

    Retailers are increasingly offering products at rental rates that are comparable to traditional purchase prices. The question is whether consumers make decisions differently when they’re looking to rent rather than buy.

  • Is China Ready for Luxury Fashion?

    Every global company wants to be in China. But for any company, accessing the Chinese market comes with unique questions and challenges. Chris Cabot ’97, the president of Value Retail China, talked with Yale Insights about how he expanded his company’s luxury outlet shopping villages into China. The first step to doing business in China, he says, is to assume you know nothing.

  • Who Will Win the Race for Mobile Ad Dollars?

    Will the rising tide of mobile ad spending lift all media-company boats? Or will only the shrewd and the quick be able to capitalize on the trend toward more media consumption on mobile? Facebook’s Carolyn Everson describes how the company has made itself mobile-first.

    Who Will Win the Race for Mobile Ad Dollars?