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  • The Balloons Signal a New Age of Mass Surveillance

    Prof. Paul Bracken, an expert in global competition and strategy, says these encounters reveal an urgent need for citizens and governments to catch up on how much we’re already being spied on.

    A high-altitude Chinese balloon over Billings, Montana, on February 1.
  • Could Russia Really Go Nuclear?

    We asked Paul Bracken, an expert in nuclear strategy, how this “unthinkable” scenario would play out.

    Mobile missile systems in a parade in Moscow
  • What Does the War in Ukraine Mean for Businesses?

    We asked Prof. Paul Bracken, an expert on business and defense strategy, about the risks that corporate leaders should consider as the Russian invasion and the resulting sanctions unfold.

    An armed civil defense guard in front of advertisements on a building
  • Exploring Alternative Futures

    Professor Paul Bracken has spent a lifetime studying the complex systems like international business, technology, and the military. A pioneer of scenario planning, he looks at how organizations really work and how they both drive and are shaped by major trends in order to predict possible futures.

    Paul Bracken teaching
  • What Went Wrong in Afghanistan?

    We asked Prof. Paul Bracken, an expert in business and military strategy, how the U.S. could have avoided a chaotic exit from Afghanistan, and what comes next for the region.

    Afghans outside the Kabul airport on August 20, 2021.
  • What’s the Danger from TikTok?

    In September, under pressure from the Trump administration to sell its U.S. operations, the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok tentatively agreed to partner with Oracle. We asked Prof. Paul Bracken, an expert on strategy and technology, about the security threat from Chinese technology companies and how the conflict might play out.

    A shadow of a person walking in front of a TikTok sign
  • In the Second Nuclear Age, Information Advantage Defines the Balance of Power

    More than a massive nuclear arsenal, says Yale SOM strategy expert Paul Bracken, information technology and shifting alliances drive post-Cold War military advantage in an unpredictable, multipolar world.

    A computer-generated image of a missile flying over a landscape
  • The Suleimani Killing and the New Order of Armed Conflict

    We asked Paul Bracken, a professor of management and political science, what the capability to pinpoint enemy leaders from afar in real time means for modern warcraft.

    An MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft at Creech Air Force Base  in Indian Springs, Nevada. Photo: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images.
  • Three Questions: Prof. Paul Bracken on the U.S. Action against Huawei

    The charges signal an escalation in the tensions between the world’s largest economies, with multinational companies caught in the middle.

  • Three Questions: Prof. Paul Bracken on Europe after Brexit

    Yale SOM’s Paul Bracken, an expert in political science and strategy, says that Brexit is just one of the political and economic disruptions reshaping Europe.

    The European Parliament