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  • Are We In a New Nuclear Arms Race?

    Yale SOM’s Paul Bracken, an expert on defense strategy, discusses the consequences of a return to a "great power rivalry."

  • Three Questions: Prof. Paul Bracken on Trump and North Korea

    Yale SOM's Paul Bracken, an expert on business and defense strategy, answers questions about President Donald Trump’s exchange of threats with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

  • How Did Volkswagen Go Wrong?

    Three Yale faculty on the causes and consequences of the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

  • Putting the Iran Nuclear Deal in Context

    Professor Paul Bracken, a leading security strategist and author of The Second Nuclear Age, discusses the Iran nuclear deal.

  • How Has the Pentagon Shaped Innovation?

    Defense spending has been a key driver of technology and innovation in the United States since the beginning of the Cold War, according to Yale SOM professor Paul Bracken. The Pentagon was a prime funder for the early growth of Silicon Valley and more recently quietly created another technology hub, focusing on defense, in northern Virginia.

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