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Soheil Ghili

  • A Long-Term Solution to Insuring the Sick

    In a new paper, Yale SOM’s Soheil Ghili and his co-authors show that longer health insurance contracts could protect consumers who are or become ill against sudden premium spikes.

    A patient in a hospital bed with a nurse looking at a rolling monitor
  • Can Bias Be Eliminated from Algorithms?

    The predictive software used to automate decision-making often discriminates against disadvantaged groups. A new approach devised by Soheil Ghili at Yale SOM and his colleagues could significantly reduce bias while still giving accurate results.

    A graphic showing data being processed
  • Three Questions: Prof. Soheil Ghili on Why Amazon Shoppers Aren’t Embracing Whole Foods

    To convert its Prime customers into Whole Foods shoppers, Amazon is cutting prices at the stores and offering discounts to Prime members. Yale SOM’s Soheil Ghili explains the company’s strategy.

    Fruit at a Whole Foods store