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K. Sudhir

  • Ratings Systems Amplify Racial Bias on Gig-Economy Platforms

    A new Yale SOM study found that the five-star ratings on platforms like Uber and TaskRabbit can spread the effects of racial discrimination by displaying ratings from biased users to those who otherwise would not discriminate.

    An illustration of a ride-share driver with thumbs up and thumbs down ratings emerging from the rear windows of his car.
  • Create Trust Online by Pairing User Control and Data Security

    In a new study, Yale SOM’s K. Sudhir and his co-author examine the impact of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They find that strict privacy rights paired with strong data security mandates create an atmosphere of trust that makes data sharing more beneficial for both firms and their customers.

    A man sitting at a computer, with a large eye on the computer screen, a phone, and a tablet
  • Machine Learning Model Extracts Insights from Customer Reviews

    A new study co-authored by Yale SOM’s K. Sudhir uses natural-language analysis to learn from what customers are saying—and to infer meaning from what remains unsaid.

    An illustration of artificial intelligence
  • When Charitable Organizations Thank Donors, Should They Ask for More?

    For charitable organizations that rely on donors for financial support, there is a delicate art to asking for gifts and expressing gratitude.

    Speech bubbles reading "Thank you!" and "Just one more thing..."
  • Can Big Data Fight a Pandemic?

    The COVID-19 crisis has intensified the debate over big data and privacy. Governments are pulling together data from public and private systems in order to predict and counter the spread of COVID-19. But setting aside privacy protections in a time of crisis could lead to new, permanent norms.

    An illustration of an eye made out of data with an image of the COVID-19 virus in the center
  • What Happens When a Billion Identities Are Digitized?

    The success of India’s Aadhaar, a biometrically secured national identification system, has ignited a debate over whether any entity, public or private, should have the ability to pool our full digital profiles.

    A woman having her eyes scanned at an Aadhaar registration office in Guwahati, India, in 2018. Photo: David Talukdar/NurPhoto via Getty Images.
  • Is Your Sales Team Courting the Wrong Customers?

    A group of Yale SOM researchers examined what kinds of sales incentives lead to profits, and whether longstanding relationships between salespeople and customers are always a good thing.

  • What Is the Impact of Big Data?

    Yale SOM’s K. Sudhir on how data analytics can change management, in marketing and beyond.

  • Corruption Decreases Technology Adoption in Emerging Markets

    Technology adoption is lower in emerging markets with corrupt business environments, and higher in those with good transparency and enforcement, according to a new study forthcoming in Marketing Science.

  • Can foreign retail benefit India?

    Professor K. Sudhir discusses India’s move to expand the presence of foreign retailers to modernize the country’s retail sector and boost economic growth.