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Barry Nalebuff

  • The Practical Game Theorist

    Prof. Barry Nalebuff extracts pragmatic insights from game theory to improve the practice of innovation, strategy, and negotiation. 

    Barry Nalebuff
  • How Can We Make Elections Work Better?

    We asked Yale SOM faculty in operations, game theory, finance, and design: “What’s one change we could make to improve the way we vote in the U.S.?”

    Voting booths with legs visible.
  • How should you sell a public good?

    The airwaves are a precious commodity. More than 200 million cell phone subscribers in the U.S. alone chat and bat text messages across the wireless spectrum. When Reed Hundt was chairman of the FCC, he implemented the first auctions of this resource, opening the way for industry development and raising revenue for the government. Hundt recently talked with Professor Barry Nalebuff, describing what he learned about auction markets and how he might use an auction to save the environment. Of course, they spoke via cell phone.