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Season 2
Episode 1
Duration 40:48

What Legacy Do We Want to Leave Behind? Practices To Access The Best of You

In this first episode of season two, I talk with Tracee Stanley about how to have an experience of yourself through skilled and intentional rest, self-inquiry, and aligned learning.

This season is about how we learn through experience using 4 core practices: Challenging your perspective, stretching and building range, directing your learning, and reflection and inquiry. Tracee’s way of working is a deep way to learn through experience—listen to hear how our conversation touches on all four of these practices that might just change your life.

Tracee Stanley, a yoga teacher and bestselling author who transitioned from a successful filmmaking career in Hollywood to teaching Yoga Nidra and self-inquiry, challenges conventional ideas surrounding work culture and productivity by emphasizing the need for balance, rest, and reflection so we can leave a greater legacy behind us.

Key Topics:

01:24 Learning through experience to honor a less conventional path: From successful Hollywood filmmaker to yoga teacher;

08:03 Experience can offer a thread to yourself: There is a difference between knowing the self and coming into the self. Certain practices can help us peel back the layers of who we are not.

10:17 Experience opens a door: How the experience of rest practice opened new possibilities

16:30 Challenging your perspective: Understanding yourself, experimenting, and learning what you truly want;

19:11 Stretching and building range: Asking questions that allow you to learn through experience and make shifts towards what you want;

25:27 Directing your learning: Using intentional rest and the space of the liminal to capture what you already know;

28:45 Reflecting and inquiring: What legacy do we want to leave behind? How attachment, aversion, and fear are keeping us from intentionally resting and leaving a legacy of exhaustion behind us.

37:09 The group is more powerful than the individual: How community can help support you as you shift old patterns and learn through experience.

Additional Resources from Tracee Stanley

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Books: The Luminous Self: Sacred Yogic Practices and Rituals to Remember Who You Are | Radiant Rest: Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation & Awakened Clarity