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Season 2
Episode 7
Duration 42:31
Lindsey Cameron

The Need for Mindfulness, Reflection, and Inquiry in Our Busy World

Can a mindfulness practice help us at work? In a season focusing on how we learn through experience, I wanted to make sure that we heard about some of the social science that supports the practices. My guest on this episode has lived a fascinating life and has so much wisdom to share on this topic.

Lindsey Cameron is an assistant professor of management at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Her research focuses on the future of work and mindfulness. In addition to being a professor, she is also an experienced practitioner and teacher of meditation.

Key Topics:

01:24 Caring about individual stories: These individual stories link to a much broader social structure - Lindsey’s career journey;

05:02 The capacity to reflect: One of the core practices of learning through experience is the capacity to reflect;

09:27 Wisdom traditions and practices: Discovering and exploring wisdom traditions and practices despite an atheist upbringing;

16:03 The power of place: Place is not just held by the work setting itself but in all the small details we add to it;

19:22 Mindfulness practices: Why, how, and when reflection mindfulness practices, especially at work, can make a difference;

27:23 The future of work: Maintaining forward momentum and agency by crafting a narrative around oneself;

34:09 Being a less conventional presence in a conventional space: We all have a role to play in creating spaces that matter;

36:15 Mindfulness as an individual practice: Mindfulness practices were never meant to be done alone, they have always been practiced within some sort of community.

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