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Management in Practice

  • Think Like an Owner

    In an excerpt from a new book, William H. Donaldson, Yale SOM’s founding dean, writes about the importance of leaders creating a sense of shared responsibility, whether in the private sector, at a nonprofit, or in government. 
    A woman in corporate boardroom overlooking New York City
  • Is CRISPR Worth the Risk?

    Dr. Greg Licholai, a biotech entrepreneur and a lecturer at Yale SOM, explains the gene-editing technology’s potential and its dangers.
  • Is Videoconferencing Still the Future?

    The age of the video call has arrived, just as science fiction predicted. Scott Wharton ’95, who leads video collaboration at Logitech, talks about the potential of videoconferencing and the steps needed to make it ubiquitous.
    Punch magazine's 1879 imagining of the hypothetical "telephonoscope."
  • Can Appalachian Ohio Build a New Economy?

    The 32 Ohio counties spread over the Appalachian foothills suffer in comparison with their counterparts in the rest of the state by nearly every economic measure. But they’re also filled with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and citizens seeking to build a brighter future.

    McConnelsville downtown
  • Perspective: The Federal Agency

    What’s the role of the federal government in addressing the challenges facing Appalachian Ohio? Ray Daffner ’86 discusses the work of the Appalachian Regional Commission.

    Factory in Appalachian Ohio