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Impact Investing

Green Investing Could Push Polluters to Emit More Greenhouse Gases

One common approach to sustainable investing is to provide capital for companies with low carbon emissions and withhold it for high-emissions firms. Research co-authored by Yale SOM’s Kelly Shue shows this approach can backfire.

An illustration of a person in a brown suit trying to move a lever toward green.
  • Can a double bottom line bring better returns?

    Why is a venture capital firm encouraging the employees in a company it funds to give free music lessons? They’re trying to prove the thesis that companies that engage with their communities also reap a business advantage.

  • Should capital be socially responsible?

    Two decades ago, socially motivated investing accounted for a tiny percentage of worldwide capital. Today, investors representing $14 trillion have signed on to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investing. What influence are they having?