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California’s Path to a Carbon-Neutral Grid

Elliot Mainzer ’98, CEO of CAISO, explains how California is working to avoid another summer of blackouts even as the state transitions to a carbon-neutral grid.

A power substation at the LS Power Group Gateway Energy Storage project in Otay Mesa, California.
  • An App as a Lifeline for Immigrant Communities

    Laura Arrazola ’19, a graduate of Yale SOM's Master of Advanced Management program, describes her experiences managing a virtual community that helps hard-hit immigrants navigate the pandemic.

    An illustration of immigrants in the U.S.
  • Leading through COVID: An Alumni Conversation

    We recently convened a group of Yale SOM alumni, leaders of organizations in a variety of industries, for a conversation about the evolving challenges they have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    A screenshot of a Zoom discussion
  • Lessons on Leading through a Pandemic

    We’ve been talking with Yale SOM alumni about their professional and personal experiences during COVID-19. Here are a few key ideas that have emerged from these conversations.

    Illustrations of various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • A New York City Doctor’s Perspective 

    Dr. Charles Powell ’19 offers a firsthand account of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

    An illustration of a doctor and medical equipment in New York City
  • Training Girls for the Building Trades, Virtually

    Demi Knight Clark, founder of She Built This City, describes how she remade a nonprofit that teaches hands-on buildings skills for a world forced to go virtual.

    An illustration of girls and women learning trades and 3-D printing masks for healthcare workers
  • History as a Guide to the Unprecedented

    Deloitte’s Jeff Schwartz ’87 sees agile, empowered teams as the way to move organizations through COVID uncertainty.

    An illustration of a network of teams
  • Feeding First Responders

    John Wang SOM/YLS ’09, founder of the Queens Night Market, describes transforming the community camaraderie and diverse food that made the market a draw into a project to feed first responders.

    A takeout box decorated to look like a hospital, with the text "thank you"
  • Guiding Family Firms During a Pandemic

    Seán O’Dowd ’03 of Silvercrest Asset Management, who works with family firms, says that while conservatively managed businesses are well positioned to handle an ordinary crisis, even well-run small-and medium-sized firms need help from the government right now.

    An illustration of images from a variety of industries
  • Opening Restaurants in a Pandemic

    Seth Goldman ’95, the co-founder of Honest Tea and chair of Beyond Meat, was opening PLNT Burger, a new chain of plant-based restaurants, as the global pandemic struck.

    An illustration of a plant-based burger
  • Helping the Hardest Hit

    Even when the economy was roaring along, far too many Americans lacked the savings and support to respond to an unexpected loss of income. The COVID-19 crisis has thrown that fragility into stark relief.

    A graphic of an umbrella made out of money sheltering houses with faces