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GNP: Global Network Perspectives

A collaboration with Global Network Perspectives, the online magazine of the Global Network for Advanced Management.

  • What’s Next in the Fight against COVID-19?

    Experts from schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management discussed what we have learned over the first weeks of the pandemic and what it tells us about what comes next.

    A collage of images of empty streets around the world
  • A Global Crisis Requires Global Collaboration

    On March 24, experts in finance, economics, and health from Global Network schools in seven countries gathered for an online conversation about the state of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic fallout, and the path to recovery.

    A microscope image of the virus that causes COVID-19
  • A Frustrating and Illuminating Process: Global Network Experts Discuss the State of Brexit

    A panel of experts from the Global Network for Advanced Management discussed the prolonged, contentious Brexit process and what the future likely holds for businesses and citizens with ties to Britain.

    The flags of the UK and the EU
  • What’s the Future of Bitcoin and Blockchain?

    We asked faculty and experts across the Global Network for Advanced Management about the potential benefits and risks of Bitcoin and blockchain.

  • What Has Ireland Learned from Austerity?

    Ireland slashed spending and raising taxes to address a fiscal crisis during the Great Recession. What does Ireland's subsequent recovery say about the effectiveness of austerity?

  • What Does Entrepreneurship Look Like around the World?

    When it comes to building a new business, social, economic, political, and cultural context matters.

  • Can We Adapt to Climate Change?

    Climate change has the potential to reshape the priorities facing businesses, governments, and societies. Experts look at the key challenges around the world.

  • What Will Trigger the Next Financial Crisis?

    Experts offer their take on where the next crisis will come from. They’ve seen the risk, and it is us.

    Currency of various countries
  • What Is the Future of Globalization?

    A wave of nationalism around the world has left many wondering if the trend toward greater global connection has reversed. Global Network Perspectives asked faculty throughout the Global Network for Advanced Management about the future of globalization in their regions.

  • How Could President Trump Affect the Global Economy?

    Global Network for Advanced Management experts from four continents foretell a period of uncertainty and adjustment, as global agreements are reevaluated and supply chains disrupted.