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Tristan L. Botelho

  • Ratings Systems Amplify Racial Bias on Gig-Economy Platforms

    A new Yale SOM study found that the five-star ratings on platforms like Uber and TaskRabbit can spread the effects of racial discrimination by displaying ratings from biased users to those who otherwise would not discriminate.

    An illustration of a ride-share driver with thumbs up and thumbs down ratings emerging from the rear windows of his car.
  • Startup Founders Are at a Disadvantage When Applying for Jobs

    Yale SOM’s Tristan Botelho found that firms are less likely to reply to applications from startup founders than non-founders.

    A person with a lightbulb for a head talking to an interviewer, who is not impressed
  • How Awards for Evaluators Can Reduce Gender Bias

    Tristan Botelho and his co-author found that once recognized with Yelp’s Elite label, reviewers demonstrate less gender bias in their reviews. Workplaces could achieve a similar effect by subjecting managers’ hiring and promotion decisions to stronger scrutiny.

    An illustration of a trophy with a résumé icon on it
  • When Should Companies Share Information with Competitors?

    A study by Yale SOM’s Tristan Botelho suggests that, under certain circumstances, companies could benefit from sharing detailed information with competitors.

    An illustration showing the sharing of various types of information
  • Is Women’s Work Evaluated Fairly?

    Does gender bias prevent women from being treated fairly in job interviews, performance assessments, and other evaluations? Data from an online stock recommendation platform suggests that women’s ideas simply get less attention than their male colleagues’.

    Illustration of popular names
  • Study Shows Bias Against Investment Recommendations from Women

    Women in the investment profession face a double standard even when objective information on their performance is available and their evaluators are incentivized to not discriminate, according to a new study by researchers at the Yale School of Management and the Columbia Business School.

    Graphic of women dragging giant Venus symbol