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Shane Frederick

  • Can Reflection Dislodge a Faulty Intuition?

    Sometimes our gut is right. But a new study co-authored by Yale SOM’s Shane Frederick shows that when it’s not, the erroneous intuition can be difficult to overrid.

    An illustration of two women looking at a bat and ball, one with a lightbulb over her head and the other reflecting carefully on math
  • What Riddles Teach Us about the Human Mind

    Yale SOM’s Shane Frederick and his co-authors investigated why certain riddles can confound us. They found that these “stumpers” expose mental models that blind us to possible answers.

    Drawing of head with labyrinth inside
  • What is behavioral?

    A host of studies and academic theories that apply psychological insights to economic behavior have been grouped under the label "behavioral." Is this growing field changing how the economy is studied — and how it functions?