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Rick Antle

  • Did Crypto Cause the FTX Collapse?

    Yale SOM’s Rick Antle, an accounting scholar who worked on the Bernie Madoff restitution, says that FTX was a toxic combination of a new asset and a failure of corporate controls.

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  • What Is Accounting For?

    Prof. Rick Antle explains how accounting serves as the infrastructure for the smooth functioning of society.

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  • When Should Organizations Change Their Mix of Products?

    To formulate an optimal product mix, managers need to understand how departmental budgets and information sharing within a company can affect decision making, according to a new study co-authored by Yale SOM’s Rick Antle.

  • Three Questions: Prof. Rick Antle on Lowering Corporate Taxes

    As the Republicans’ $1.5 trillion tax package trundles toward a vote in the Senate, we asked Rick Antle, an expert in financial accounting and corporate governance, on how the corporate tax system could be improved.

  • Where Did Madoff's Money Go?

    Yale SOM’s Rick Antle on the complexities of making restitution in the wake of a Ponzi scheme.

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  • Can better accounting avert a pension crisis?

    State and local governments are sitting on more than $1 trillion in unfunded pension liabilities. Updated accounting rules will require state and local governments to begin reporting their pension liabilities in a format more closely resembling for-profit accounting. Will clearer accounting contribute to a solution of the under-funding crisis?

  • No accounting for turbulent times?

    Responding to Q4's conversation "Did innovation cause the credit crisis?" Rick Antle, William S. Beinecke Professor of Accounting at Yale SOM, puts accounting changes and their role in the current financial turmoil in context.

  • What happened to the accounting profession?

    For most of the twentieth century, accountants were organized into a self-governing profession, but that structure has been shaken over the last decade by a wave of scandals. Yale SOM professors Rick Antle and Shyam Sunder discuss the implications for management of accounting’s successes and failures as a profession.