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Jeffrey E. Garten

  • How the ‘Nixon Shock’ Remade the World Economy

    In a new book, Yale SOM’s Jeffrey Garten explores Richard Nixon’s decision to delink the dollar from gold, which remade the global monetary system in an instant.

    President Richard Nixon giving a television address
  • How Have Individuals Shaped Globalization?

    In his new book, Yale SOM’s Jeffrey Garten examines nearly a thousand years of globalization through the lens of 10 individuals who accelerated and shaped the process.

  • Time to End Confrontations Over Federal Borrowing Limits

    In a Foreign Policy op-ed, Yale SOM Dean Emeritus Jeffrey Garten writes that the recurrent threats to force a U.S. debt default could end in catastrophe, and it’s time for Congress to end them permanently.

    Debt Ceiling
  • Does the Fed Need a Foreign Policy?

    As the Federal Reserve prepares to raise interest rates—a move that will be felt globally—Professor Jeffrey E. Garten outlines a foreign policy agenda for the Fed.

  • Is globalization endangered?

    The global economy is in a severe slowdown. GDPs are dropping, the rosters of the unemployed are getting longer, and there’s no obvious resolution in sight. Will the effects of this economic crisis — and of government responses — threaten the system of commercial relationships that has developed over the last 30 years?

  • How does a sovereign wealth fund operate?

    Sovereign wealth funds have become a source of controversy. They have the size — several trillion dollars and growing — to swing or stabilize markets. Meanwhile, their sometimes secretive strategies have invited worries that they could be used as tools of government policy. Jeffrey E. Garten, former SOM dean and former undersecretary of commerce for international trade, talked to Ng Kok Song, the managing director and group chief investment officer at the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, about how one of the world’s largest SWFs is run.