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James N. Baron

  • What Happens When Unions Bargain for Social Justice?

    In a new study, Yale SOM’s James Baron and Daniel Julius examine the wave of unionization in museums, where workers often bring social-justice concerns to the bargaining table.

    Museum staff picket in front of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts
  • Three Questions: Prof. James Baron on Why Performance Reviews Aren’t Working 

    We asked Yale SOM’s James Baron about the research on the effectiveness of annual reviews and what a better method might look like.

    A graphic of a manager providing feedback
  • Three Questions: Prof. James Baron on Amazon’s New Minimum Wage

    We asked Prof. James Baron, an expert in human resources and labor markets, what Amazon’s $15 minimum wage would mean for workers there and at other companies.

    An employee at an Amazon fulfillment center in Robbinsville, New Jersey. Photo: Bess Adler/Bloomberg via Getty Images.
  • Can a Company Succeed without a Hierarchy?

    Inspired by research by Prof. James Baron, the founders of the biotech firm AgBiome created a company with no managers, run by committees of passionately committed employees.

    Leafcutter ants carrying a leaf
  • What’s Your Mission?

    Yale SOM’s James Baron on the ingredients for an effective mission statement.

    A view upwards with tall buildings surrounding
  • Can we fix discrimination in markets?

    Studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that 40 years after the civil rights era, African Americans still find themselves under scrutiny in retail stores and women pay higher prices at car dealerships. How can we ensure fair treatment in markets?

  • A company in good standing?

    Could the market do more to improve ethical performance than professionalization? Professor Jim Baron proposes that voluntary certification of various facets of corporate responsibility could create a market for good behavior.