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James Choi

  • Can We Have Economically Secure Retirements?

    The end of defined-benefit pensions and a volatile stock market have made many Americans skeptical that they can retire comfortably. Is a new model emerging for how we plan for retirement? A panel of experts and practitioners talks about policies to help us bolster our retirement savings.

  • Coworkers Affect Retirement Savings Rates

    Investment companies including Fidelity, Putnam Investments, and Voya Financial are rolling out tools that tell investors how their retirement savings compare to those of their peers. This social comparison is intended to motivate investors to increase their savings; however, new research shows that it can have the opposite effect.

  • How Do We Improve Retirement Saving?

    James Choi describes his research into one simple way to raise participation rates in 401k plans: change the default.

  • Are we good at making choices?

    Do the choices we make as consumers serve our economic interests? Do they even reflect our real preferences? Three Yale scholars discuss research — their own and others' — that sheds light on these questions.