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Greg Licholai

  • Has the CRISPR Revolution Arrived Yet?

    The first drugs using the CRISPR technique are approaching the market, with the potential to transform the lives of people with certain genetic illnesses. We talked with Dr. Greg Licholai about the state of the technology.

    Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy of CRISPR-generated knockout cells. 
  • How Is the Pharmaceutical Industry Responding to COVID-19?

    As pharmaceutical companies work to develop potential vaccines and treatments for COVID-19, they are operating under extreme pressure—as well as the restrictions on movement and interaction that are affecting all of us.

    Dr. Sonia Macieiewski and Dr. Nita Patel at a Novavax lab in Rockville, Maryland, on March 20. Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images.
  • Has Employment Become the Goal of the U.S. Healthcare System?

    Dr. Greg Licholai writes that the complexity of the healthcare system has generated unexpected incentives—one of which is that we have come to rely on the industry for jobs.

    Doctors and nurses in a operating room
  • Is CRISPR Worth the Risk?

    Dr. Greg Licholai, a biotech entrepreneur and a lecturer at Yale SOM, explains the gene-editing technology’s potential and its dangers.

  • Three Questions: Dr. Greg Licholai on Biotech After Theranos

    We asked Dr. Greg Licholai, a lecturer at Yale SOM and and a biotech entrepreneur, what other healthcare startups can learn from the Theranos debacle.

    A rendering of red blood cells