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Florian Ederer

  • How Do You Encourage Innovation?

    Experts discuss how to manage, organize, hire, and reward for innovation.

    closeup of skyscraper windows showing workers busy
  • Why Do Our Peers’ Financial Decisions Affect Our Own?

    The choices we make—the cars we drive, the neighborhoods we live in, the gyms we join—are influenced by our social networks, the people we surround ourselves with. Our financial choices are no exception. While thousands of studies have examined peer effects, a new study co-authored by Florian Ederer, assistant professor of economics, is the first to clearly identify the two channels of social influence—social learning and social utility—that explain why our peers’ financial decisions affect our own.

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  • What Does an Economist Make of the Ice Bucket Challenge?

    Somehow ice and cold water have become the social media phenomenon of the summer. Millions of people have shivered and screamed while dumping buckets of ice over their own heads, and a medical charity has tens of millions of dollars raised as a result. Yale Insights spoke with Yale economist Florian Ederer to try to make sense of all of this.