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Fiona M. Scott Morton

  • Economic Competition in a Time of Crisis

    What will the sudden economic shock mean for competition and antitrust policy? We asked Yale SOM’s Fiona Scott Morton, an economist who served in the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, for her perspective.

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  • Surprise Billing for Out-of-Network Physicians Costs Billions

    After patients are treated at in-network hospitals, they often receive large, unexpected bills from out-of-network doctors. A new study finds that out-of-network charges from anesthesiologists, pathologists, radiologists, and assistant surgeons increase spending by $40 billion annually.

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  • Can Antitrust Enforcement Protect Digital Consumers?

    More and more of our economic and social lives are being conducted through digital channels. Economist Fiona Scott Morton talks about how effective antitrust regulation and enforcement can ensure that consumers benefit from the next killer app.

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  • Why ‘Breaking Up’ Big Tech Probably Won’t Work

    Instead, argues Yale SOM’s Fiona Scott Morton, the government should exercise its regulatory powers to promote competition.

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  • Prof. Fiona Scott Morton Outlines Fixes for Healthcare Markets in Congressional Testimony

    Prof. Scott Morton called a private healthcare system without competitive pressure “the worst of both worlds” in terms of costs.

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  • Is Antitrust Enforcement Out of Date? 

    U.S. antitrust laws, Yale SOM’s Fiona Scott Morton says, were written when new technology meant “typewriters and buggy whips and bicycles.” She assembled a group of economists and legal scholars to examine areas in which enforcement is out of sync with a changing economy.

    The buggy whips page from the 1910 Sears, Roebuck & Co. "Harness, Saddles, and Saddlery Goods" catalog
  • To Counter the Loss of the Federal Mandate, Create a State Healthcare Fee

    To avoid higher premiums and more “free riders," Fiona Scott Morton proposes that Connecticut require residents to buy insurance, contribute to a Health Savings Account, or pay a fee to the state.

  • Surprise Bills after ER Visits Are Surprisingly Common

    When patients go to an emergency room within their insurance network, they often get unexpectedly large bills because a treating physician is out of network, Yale research finds.

  • Is Obamacare in Trouble?

    Three major insurers have pulled out of the Affordable Care Act's healthcare exchanges, prompting concerns about the exchanges’ long-term sustainability. Yale’s Fiona Scott Morton and Howard Forman discuss the state of Obamacare and what it needs to thrive.

    Is Obamacare in Trouble?
  • How Do You Enforce Antitrust Law in a Global Marketplace?

    Professor Fiona Scott Morton, the former chief economist in the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, on the state of global competition law.

    How Do You Enforce Antitrust Law in a Global Marketplace?