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Aniko Öry

  • Is Dynamic Airline Pricing Costing Us?

    Prices for airline tickets rise and fall depending on demand. Yale SOM’s Aniko Öry and Kevin Williams investigated whether such pricing makes airlines and customers better off.

    An illustration of airplanes with algorithms in their wake
  • Study: To Maximize Productivity, Affirmative Action Should Continue Indefinitely

    Maximizing the productivity of the workforce will require ongoing policies to boost minority participation, according to a study by Yale SOM’s Aniko Öry and Michèle Müller-Itten of the University of Notre Dame.

    Wassily Kandinsky's “Circles in a Circle” (1923)
  • How Should Companies Fuel Word of Mouth?

    New research finds that offering a free tier or giving existing customers bonuses for making referrals—or a combination—can be effective, depending on the size of the audience and whether the project has a social aspect.

    A vintage illustration of women talking through a tube