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Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak

  • Can Insurance Help the Poor Manage Risk?

    Rainfall insurance can help a farmer survive a drought year and ultimately increase prosperity in rural areas. So why aren’t more using it? Many people in developing countries rely on informal insurance, such as a family network, rather than formal insurance. Yale SOM professor Mushfiq Mobarak’s research has tested the effects of formal insurance for farmers in India and elucidated how the two systems interact.

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  • Electricity Expansion Produces Large Development Gains in Brazil

    Gaining access to electricity leads to larger improvements in income and education than previously estimated, according to new research by Professor Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak.

  • Immigration and Innovation

    As legislators negotiate comprehensive immigration reform, Professor Mushfiq Mobarak explains, in a commentary in the New York Times, the importance of skilled foreign workers in sustaining the United States’ comparative advantage in science and innovation.

  • Do we need a global regulator?

    One problem that has come up throughout this issue is how to enforce fair rules throughout a global system when most enforcement mechanisms are nation-based. Given how powerful the forces of globalization are, do we need a new global regulator?