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Zoe Chance

  • The Secret of the Barbie Movie’s Marketing Success

    Barbie is a genuine phenomenon, reaching $1 billion in worldwide box office in only three weeks on the strength of legions of pink-clad moviegoers. We asked Yale SOM’s Zoe Chance, a former Mattel brand manager, about the movie’s marketing and message.

    Fans in New York’s Times Square wearing Barbie clothes for the opening of Barbie movie on July 21, 2023.
  • Learning the Language of Influence and Persuasion

    In a discussion of her new book, Influence is Your Superpower, Yale SOM’s Zoe Chance outlined strategies that make people want to say yes to you.

    Balloons spelling out yes
  • To Be More Charismatic, Take the Focus off Yourself

    In an excerpt from her book Influence Is Your Superpower, Yale SOM's Zoe Chance explains how to avoid “anti-charismatic” behaviors that we fall back on when we’re feeling powerless, including overusing personal pronouns and adding unnecessary apologies and caveats.

    A man speaking into a megaphone and holding a sandwich board that reads "I thought maybe..."
  • Three Questions: Prof. Zoë Chance on the Standoff between Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump

    We asked Yale SOM’s Zoë Chance, an expert in influence and persuasion, about the method behind Pelosi’s suggestion that the State of the Union be delayed.

    Paper dolls of lions and lion tamer
  • Three Questions: Prof. Zoe Chance on Responses to Sexual Harassment

    Women around the world are sharing their experiences with workplace sexual harassment and abuse. Professor Zoë Chance explains the research on the subject and suggests ways that both women and male allies can take action to create lasting change.

  • How Do We Persuade?

    Yale SOM’s Zoë Chance explains how to make the most of our natural ability to influence and persuade others.

    Zoe Chance lecturing from the front of a classroom gesturing with one hand