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Stanley J. Garstka

  • Three Questions: Is This the End of Sears? 

    After decades of decline, Sears filed for bankruptcy in October. Yale Insights asked bankruptcy expert Stanley Garstka what would remain of the once-dominant retailer and its heritage at the end of the process.

    A Sears retail store in Lafayette, Louisiana, in 1981. Photo: Library of Congress.
  • Can better accounting avert a pension crisis?

    State and local governments are sitting on more than $1 trillion in unfunded pension liabilities. Updated accounting rules will require state and local governments to begin reporting their pension liabilities in a format more closely resembling for-profit accounting. Will clearer accounting contribute to a solution of the under-funding crisis?

  • Should employers be responsible for health?

    More than 160 million Americans receive their healthcare coverage through an employer-sponsored program. In recent years, as the costs of healthcare have risen, so have premiums for workers and costs for companies. Is the system sustainable? Does it affect the competitiveness of American companies? Does it prompt innovations in healthcare delivery?